We help you improve the way you process, treat and manage water.

With 40 years of experience and a reputation for engineering excellence, people all over the world rely on our products and services to increase operational performance and reduce environmental impact.

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Who is Hydro International?

We are a global company who provide advanced products, services and expertise to help municipal, commercial and industrial customers to improve the way they process, treat and manage water.

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Manage flooding, improve water treatment and reduce water pollution

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Design, install, operate and maintain effective water management systems


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How can we help?

Control the flow of storm and surface water, deliver effective water management projects and cut the risk of flooding to homes, businesses and infrastructure.

Climate change and urban growth have contributed to an environment in which flooding is an increasingly frequent and damaging occurrence. Sustainable, water-sensitive and low-impact development initiatives around the world highlight the need for effective flood mitigation, and forward-thinking engineers are combining natural and proprietary water management products to deliver the best possible protection.

Our flow control and storage products help engineers to design systems that slow and hold water during storm events, preventing and controlling flooding, mitigating flood risk and reliably protecting people and property.

Remove grit and solids to improve water quality and reduce sludge handling costs at water and wastewater treatment plants.

Growing populations are placing a greater operational burden on existing water treatment facilities, and both current plants and new projects must contend equally with the damaging and costly effects of grit. Solids carried in wastewater accumulate in the downstream processes, which reduces plant efficiency as well as causing damaging abrasion to treatment systems—increasing operational and maintenance costs.

Our grit management technologies protect downstream processes, cutting maintenance and preventing clogging and deposition. Our sludge management products improve dewatering and reduce solids handling.

Meet environmental obligations, improve operational efficiency and cut maintenance costs by managing, recycling and reusing process water and wastewater.

Water scarcity, increasingly stringent effluent discharge regulations and operational efficiency drivers represent real challenges for water-intensive industrial businesses. With process water use, treatment and discharge generating both cost and risk. Surface water, too, represents a risk, acting as a vector that carries potentially harmful materials into the environment.

Our industrial water management products help businesses to use water more efficiently, recover valuable processing by-products, meet regulations and protect the environment—saving money and reducing financial and legal risks.

Manage runoff and capture stormwater pollutants to comply with regulations and reduce damage to the environment.

Climate change and urban growth have created more frequent and more intense storm events, and greater areas of impermeable and impervious surfaces. When rain falls on the built environment it generates surface water runoff, which, if not controlled, can cause surface or sewer flooding. The runoff can also pick up a range of pollutants, including oils, heavy metals, nutrients and silt. When this stormwater runoff reaches a storm drain or sewer it transports any pollution into the network, which may discharge directly or indirectly into the environment.

Our flow control products control, store and infiltrate surface water, while our stormwater treatment products catch and retain stormwater runoff pollution before it reaches the environment, preventing damage to fragile and important ecosystems. 

Protect the environment by removing trash, solids and other damaging pollutants from combined sewer overflows.

Combined sewers transport both wastewater and surface water runoff to wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Heavy, intense or prolonged rainfall can overload these combined sewers, which can overwhelm downstream treatment facilities. A combined sewer overflow, or CSO is designed to act as a kind of safety valve for the WWTP that diverts excess wet weather flow, enabling the plant to continue operating and preventing upstream flooding.

Our CSO screening and treatment technologies catch gross solids and floatables during these excess flow events, protecting the environment from damaging overflow pollution. 

Use real-world, real-time data to make better response, planning and asset management decisions.

Built and natural water environments are large and complex systems, and it can be difficult to model and forecast supply, demand and flood risk. In many cases people rely on outdated, incomplete or unrepresentative climate and hydrometric data to make critical and urgent decisions, or—worse—make decisions without the benefit of data at all.

Our data loggers, telemetry, databases and analysis systems provide real-time, real-world insight into environmental, network and system conditions, improving incident response, planning and asset management activities.

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