First Defense OGS Verified by ISO 14034 Standard

First Defense® Oil Grit Separator (OGS) is the first stormwater treatment separator to be verified through the new ISO 14034 standard which satisfies the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) requirement in Canada. First Defense® hydrodynamic separator currently has the highest approved flow rates in the United States as verified by the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology, (NJCAT) and as certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, (NJDEP). We look forward to expanding our offering of a best-in-class system to our Canadian market. 

What makes this verification unique is that the test lab, Good Harbour Laboratory, is ISO 17020 compliant as is the verifier, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). Read the press release from Good Harbour Laboratories and the ISO 14034 verification report

Best ISO 4034 Verified OGS Stormwater System in Canada