Case Study Pepper Processing Wastewater - Hydro MicroScreen Solution

 50% particulate BOD reduction and 70% TSS reduction under heavy solids loading conditions

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Case Study Brewery Wastewater Solutions with Hydro MicroScreen

A New England brewery, with an expensive anaerobic digestion system was looking to reduce Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in their wastewater. TSS was contributing to an unacceptable portion of their disposal fees.

Case Study Beef Processing Wastewater Solutions with Hydro MicroScreen

Hydro MicroScreen, comparable performance of rotary drum screen and DAF at a fraction of the cost.

Case Study Pork Processing Wastewater Treatment with Hydro MicroScreen

For this Missouri pork processor, Hydro MicroScreen™ removed 79% of particulate BOD, 92% of TSS, and 90% of oils and greases.

Case Study Hydro MicroScreen Winery Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Remove pomace from winery wastewater to reduce loading on downstream wastewater treatment treatment processes with the Hydro MicroScreen.