Posted - 24 December 2015

Hydro International expands industrial and municipal water treatment options with new MicroScreen technology

Hydro International has acquired the assets of M2 Renewables Inc., expanding its range of water treatment technologies to incorporate the M2R® MicroScreen™ rotating belt screening system.

Delivering improved biological oxidation efficiency at reduced cost and footprint, the Hydro MicroScreen™ changes the character of waste and industrial process water at the initial stage of the treatment train and enables municipal and industrial facilities to realise savings through reduced energy and chemical use, reduced effluent surcharges and a removed solids output that can be used to offset costs.

The technology continuously filters settleable material out of water at a very fine level without clogging, which makes it suitable for a variety of municipal and industrial water treatment applications. Municipal processes include primary wastewater treatment, primary sludge dewatering and upstream protection of technologies such as membranes, sequencing batch reactors, dissolved air floatation and moving bed bio reactors; industry segments that will benefit from the Hydro MicroScreen’s reduced-footprint, chemical-free solids removal include food processing – beef, poultry, vegetables, fisheries - dairies, breweries and wineries, tanneries and the pulp and paper industries.

This expansion of Hydro International’s water treatment product range – which includes products such as HeadCell® and Hydro-Sludge® Screen – augments the company’s existing capabilities, and enables it to provide customers with additional solutions to their process and wastewater treatment challenges.

Michael Jennings, Chief Executive of Hydro International, said:

This acquisition extends our water treatment capabilities and allows us to help our customers in new ways. Hydro International is renowned for challenging convention, and adding the Hydro MicroScreen to our already impressive range of water treatment products will enable us to help industrial and municipal sites to manage their water quality in ways that they currently may not even realise are possible.

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