Posted - 11 February 2019

New Trade Effluent Savings Calculator Launched

We have launched a new trade effluent calculator to help UK industrial businesses find out what they could be saving in trade effluent charges.

Industrial or process wastewater sent to a sewer attracts a Trade Effluent Charge. This charge varies depending on effluent volume and quality: the more there is, and the ‘dirtier’ it is, the greater the cost.  Anyone who uses water in their production process is paying to discharge their effluent into the sewer...but if you can improve the cleanliness of your effluent then you can reduce your discharge costs.

Our calculator will work out how much this would cost you in trade effluent charges, and will show you how much you could save by using a Hydro MicroScreen™ system to treat your process water.

Trade effluent charges are calculated using the Mogden formula and are agreed by the water industry and the Confederation of British Industries.  Charges are based on how much effluent is discharged, and what level of pollutants (TSS - Total Suspended Solids, and COD – Chemical Oxygen Demand) are present in it.  The charges are payable in addition to adjusted sewerage charges.

Reducing the volume of effluent and improving its quality will ensure that your business remains compliant with consents, and cut charges. Accurate monitoring (including meter readings) is critical to reporting, and recycling or reusing effluent water will reduce discharge volumes.

Businesses may not realise what the pollutant load in their effluent is costing them.  Our calculator can help to show what they could be saving”, says Anthony Kolanko, Industrial Business Development Manager for Hydro International.

He adds, “Our Hydro MicroScreen™ can provide savings in many areas, not just in effluent charges, but also in waste handling, energy use and product reclamation for reuse or resale.  For some applications a payback period on the capital investment can be as little as 6 months.

The Hydro MicroScreen™ is a low-energy, small footprint rotating belt screen that delivers exceptional solids removal from process water.  Already proven in other parts of the world, it can save operators up to 50% in power use and has only one tenth of the footprint of multi-stage pre-treatment.

Try out the calculator today and find out what you could be saving in trade effluent charges, or visit our industrial microsite to learn more about how we can help your business to improve profitability and meet regulations.


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