Posted - 22 July 2019

Hydro International acquires M&N Electrical and Mechanical Services Ltd

We are now the UK’s leading provider of solutions for the wastewater treatment plant headworks.

On the 22nd of July we acquired M&N Electrical and Mechanical Services Ltd (M&N). The acquisition brings together our wastewater grit removal and screening technological expertise and M&N’s exceptional customer support capabilities to create the UK’s leading provider of solutions for the wastewater treatment plant headworks.

With around 140 dedicated service professionals operating from five regional offices across the UK, M&N is the country’s largest provider of screen servicing and maintenance, delivering critical support to wastewater treatment plant owners and operators 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Delivering servicing, maintenance, refurbishment, equipment hire, parts and spares, as well as new equipment sales, the M&N team expands and develops our services offering in the UK, providing water companies with greater opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and extend the lifetimes of their key treatment assets.

Becoming part of Hydro International is a great opportunity for us,” said Stuart Spinney, M&N General Manager. “In recent years we’ve made incredible progress and we’ve achieved a lot, and this acquisition removes some of the barriers that could have prevented us from growing further. My team and I are looking forward to supporting more customers even more effectively.”

“This acquisition is transformational both for us and for the UK water industry,” said Michael Jennings, Chief Executive of Hydro International. “We’ve brought together the wastewater product experts and the wastewater services experts to create a business that is uniquely focused on meeting the needs of treatment plant owners and operators. This team is going to create new efficiencies and financial savings opportunities for water companies right across the country.

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