The Stormbloc® Optimum range of geocellular storage and infiltration blocks
Posted - 18 April 2023

Hydro International expands Stormbloc® Optimum range

Hydro International, the market leader in water management products and services, unveils its expanded UK Stormbloc® Optimum range, incorporating a new lighter version of the popular stormwater storage system to give designers even more options. 

Developed by our polymer specialist partners, REHAU, the new Stormbloc® provides a lightweight option alongside the heavy-duty Stormbloc® Extra to bolster the range and offer a complete, resilient geocellular storage system, providing underground storage and infiltration of surface water runoff to help prevent flooding as part of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in the UK. The new block represents a cost-effective option, particularly suitable for landscaped or light traffic areas. 

Steve Richmond of REHAU and Andy Kane of Hydro International and the new Stormbloc

Designed to be completely customisable, with the length, width and height all adaptable to meet even the most demanding of drainage designs, the new lightweight block saves time and cost at installation, stacking into compact nests for storage and transportation needs, enabling more storage volume in one place at any time.

Access for inspection and maintenance of Stormbloc® tanks can be provided by adding Stormbloc® Inspect chambers and constructing a row of Stormbloc® Extra blocks through the tank. Hydro-Logic® Smart Maintenance technology can also be integrated into the system, allowing for remote monitoring to provide real-time insight into sediment and/or water levels, sending automated alerts to notify users of when the Stormbloc® system needs cleaning or if a blockage occurs. Data captured by the Hydro-Logic® Flexi Logger and sensors enable the owners to forecast future maintenance requirements and develop cost-effective maintenance plans.

Ben Puddy, Product Manager for Hydro International, comments, “The expansion of the Stormbloc® Optimum range enables engineers to meet drainage objectives in a wider variety of areas and provides them with a more cost-effective option, without compromising on functionality and maintenance. We are certain this new offering will allow designers and specifiers the option to use Stormbloc® for green spaces or light trafficked areas,.” 

Find out more about the full Stormbloc® Optimum range.


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