SlurryCup / Grit Snail Sludge Degritting Solution

Download this brochure to learn how the SlurryCup / Grit Snail system can be used to remove grit from your sludge and produce a clean dry output that is ready for cost-effective landfilling.

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Biosolids Pretreatment E-Guide Download the biosolids pretreatment E-Guide to learn how to improve the performance of your sludge
Hydro-Brake® Optimum design data sheet

Technical design information to support the design and specification of the Hydro-Brake® Optimum vortex flow control valve.

Tech Info
Hydro MicroScreen for Industrial Applications

The Hydro MicroScreen can be the ideal solution for industrial water and wastewater treatment applications. It replaces multiple step pretreatment systems, improves effluent quality and reduces footprint.

Ohio DOT MTD Approval

The First Defense® High Capacity stormwater separator has been approved for use by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Brochure des eaux pluviales

Brochure des eaux pluviales