Posted - 01 February 2018

Optimum stormwater storage now available in the UK and Ireland

The new Stormbloc® Optimum geocellular attenuation system provides SuDS storage and infiltration even in the most challenging of urban environments.

Stormbloc® Optimum is a robust, highly configurable underground storage system that gives UK engineers greater scope to design and deliver truly effective sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). 

Available now in the UK and Ireland, the system adds a new dimension to our flood protection and stormwater management capabilities, providing reliable, effective underground  stormwater storage.

Upstream of a flow control and downstream of a treatment device such as a hydrodynamic separator, Stormbloc® Optimum provides the attenuation (storage and infiltration) element of a SuDS project, enabling engineers to tailor drainage to mimic natural patterns. Its durable design makes it particularly suited for urban drainage networks and other installations situated beneath areas that experience heavy vehicle traffic.

The blocks "nest" together during transportation and in storage and can be installed quickly and easily by hand—all of which helps contractors to save space, time and money. 

When we launched the Hydro-Brake® Optimum flow control we put it out there as the best flow control solution available to engineers and contractors, and now we're taking exactly the same approach with storage. Stormbloc® Optimum provides engineers with a flexible stormwater storage and infiltration system that works equally well from the smallest rural SuDS scheme to the largest and most challenging of urban drainage projects. Once you start using it you'll see why we're confident in calling it our optimum storage system.

 - Phil Collins, Europe Sales Director, Hydro International

We have partnered with polymer specialists Rehau, who developed the technology, to ensure that our portfolio of SuDS solutions is as robust, reliable and cost-effective as possible.

Want to know more? 

We'd be happy to give you a lunchtime presentation on Stormbloc® Optimum, to help you understand how best to design, specify or maintain it. If you're in the UK or Ireland just contact us and we'll be happy to arrange it. 

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