Posted - 03 April 2017

Hydro-Logic Smart Monitoring launched to help water industry to plan, act and react

We have launched a new range of Smart Monitoring products and services to help businesses and public organisations to understand their water environment and to make better water management decisions.

Hydro-Logic® Smart Monitoring brings together state-of-the-art data loggers, telemetry, databases and consultancy expertise to provide real-world, real-time insight into water and climate conditions, supplying precise hydrometric and environmental data that enables users to anticipate and react to flood events, optimise inspection and maintenance of water networks, expand, upgrade and build new systems and forecast supply and demand years into the future.

Specialising in remote monitoring of water flow, water level and weather, Hydro-Logic® Smart Monitoring systems can provide automated flood alerts and warnings, or feed a database for data manipulation, analysis or long-term warehousing. The Hydro-Logic® Services team can also provide a managed service, helping with design, installation, operation and management of complex integrated data collection networks. The team already operates the largest hydrometric data collection network in the UK, with systems gathering ongoing data at over 700 locations nationwide.

Hydro-Logic® Smart Monitoring systems may also be combined with existing Hydro International products such as flow controls, or stormwater separators such as the Downstream Defender® and First Defense®; for example, Scottish Canals have been using a Hydro-Logic® Flow Logger to monitor flow alongside a Hydro-Brake® Optimum flow control at a site in Panmure Street in Glasgow.

Big data has been transforming the way that organisations make decisions, and with this new capability we can provide big hydrometric data that will help organisations to make better water management decisions. This technology provides a more comprehensive, credible and reliable way for water companies and local councils to understand things like flood risk and network demand, and we think it will help them to respond to short-term and long-term water management issues with confidence, reducing their risk and, ultimately, making cost savings.

– Phil Collins, Sales Director, Europe, Hydro International

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