New! Hydro GritCleanse Animation
Posted - 27 March 2024

NEW! Hydro GritCleanse How it Works Animation

Learn how Hydro GritCleanse™ produces such clean and dry grit.

The Hydro GritCleanse™ is a fluidized bed grit washing system optimized to reduce maintenance. It is designed specifically to work with a HeadCell® or Grit King® advanced grit separation system to capture 95% of all grit 75 micron and larger with less than 5% volatile solids (VS) in the final product. Reducing VS also reduces the amount of water in the dumpster. These combined reductions significantly cut the volume of materials to dispose of as well as handling equipment and time.

HeadCell® or Grit King® combined with the Hydro GritCleanse™ is the ultimate grit removal system. Provided as a complete end-to-end grit removal system, treatment plants can be confident they will have the performance they require along with the benefit of single supplier accountability. 

Watch this short animated video to learn how the Hydro GritCleanse™ can realize such phenomenal performance.

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