Water Resources Consultancy

Get expert guidance, advice and support on planning and managing your water resources system.

With an increasing population, economic growth and the impacts of climate change, the need for effective water resources and drought planning is more important than ever before.

The Hydro-Logic® Services team offers a full range of water resources consultancy services, enabling water providers to effectively understand the performance of their water resources systems, and create both tactical and strategic plans to meet the challenge of an uncertain future.

Our Hydro-Logic® AquatorTM software platform offers an industry leading simulation tool for water resource networks, simulating the interaction between resources (rivers, groundwater, reservoirs) to meet demand through representation of real-life operations for water users such as water supply companies, hydro-power providers, regulators and navigational authorities. 

As well as providing user licences for this software, we offer expert consultancy in the bespoke application of this software to help solve complex water resource planning problems.

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Our water resources consultancy services include: