Water Resources Consultancy

Get expert guidance, advice and support on planning and managing your water resources system.

With an increasing population, economic growth and the impacts of climate change, the need for effective water resources and drought planning is more important than ever before.

The Hydro International consultancy team offers a full range of water resources consultancy services, enabling water providers to effectively understand the performance of their water resources systems, and create both tactical and strategic plans to meet the challenge of an uncertain future.

Supporting this, our Hydro-Logic® Aquator software platform offers an industry-leading simulation tool for water resource networks, simulating the interaction between resources (rivers, groundwater, reservoirs) to meet demand through representation of real-life operations for water users such as water supply companies, hydro-power providers, regulators and navigational authorities. 

As well as providing user licences for this software, we offer expert consultancy in the custom application of this software to help solve complex water resource planning problems.

Water Resources Planning

Water Resources Management Plans:

  • System and source Deployable Output (DO) analyses, especially using Hydro-Logic® Aquator models
  • Uncertainty and risk analysis including determination of headroom and outage
  • Levels of service (reliability), resilience and vulnerability assessments
  • Supply-demand balance and scenario simulation, including using stochastic hydrology
  • Water resource economic appraisals
  • Climate change impact assessments
  • Strategic and technical support to development of regional plans

Drought Plans:

  • Characterisation of droughts
  • Evaluation of monitoring and management procedures
  • Analysis of drought management actions
  • Water resource and environmental impacts of droughts and mitigation, including rainfall-runoff modelling and hydrological assessment

Operational planning:

  • Development of models to support operational decision making
  • Refinement of supply and hydropower systems (e.g. control rules / policies)
  • Outage and drought intervention impact assessment

Water resources policy development and strategy:

  • Development of planning processes and guidance
  • Creation of strategic roadmaps towards future outcomes
  • Development of regulatory incentives and metrics
  • Development of environmental and ecological flow targets and policies

Water Resources Modelling

Our modelling capability includes model development for a range of applications, including assessment of reservoir releases for river regulation, changes in abstraction licenses and flow constraints, system deployable output estimation, system improvement and climate change scenario analysis.  

Our experience and expertise

Our modelling experience is based on the industry-leading Hydro-Logic® Aquator water resource model development package.

In addition to extensive work with water suppliers in the complex and highly regulated UK sector, we have expertise in assessing water resource systems using a range of software and have international experience in such diverse countries as Jordan, Botswana, Namibia, Argentina, China and Samoa. 


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