Hydro-Logic® Aquator is a modelling software platform that enables modellers, hydrologists, engineers and analysts to create and run complex models of real-world water resource supply networks and systems, giving water utilities, regulators and consultants the critical insight they need in order to make better water management decisions. 

The software incorporates a full component toolbox that enables the modelling of all components typically present in a water resource system. Complex operating rules can be developed that accurately reflect real-world operational constraints such as reservoir control curves, abstraction licence conditions, minimum flow requirements and leakage.

As part of the Hydro-Logic® solution set, Hydro-Logic® Aquator has been developed by, for and with expert water industry professionals to ensure that every output may be optimised to match supply with demand, whatever the population or climate pressures.

Hydro-Logic® Aquator is also the only water resource supply software in the world approved to use Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) to customise its models—making it uniquely capable of helping people to address their most important water management challenges.


  • Conjunctive/mixed use water resource systems
  • Public water supply
  • River catchments, lake and reservoirs
  • Navigation and canal systems
  • Hydropower
  • Irrigation resource management


Plan and manage water supply and demand

Hydro-Logic® Aquator enables water providers to determine whether or not existing or planned water networks are able to supply sufficient water to meet customer demand—and to take action accordingly to ensure uninterrupted supply to residential, commercial and industrial customers now and into the future. 

Models help users to identify, assess and mitigate supply risks such as population changes and climate disruptions, helping utilities to deliver robust strategic and operational water resource plans that optimise their costs of operation, investment and resource deployment. 

Audit suppliers and develop policy

Environmental and legislative agencies need to understand the supply and demand models used by water providers, and they need to factor in future supply and demand in order to develop meaningful water abstraction policies. Hydro-Logic® Aquator provides this critical insight. 

Develop the right models for your system

From simple models with a few components to large, complex stochastic models with over a thousand elements, Hydro-Logic® Aquator provides the modelling flexibility that water suppliers and environment agencies need to understand the water environment. 

Answer critical questions

Hydro-Logic® Aquator can help users to address issues such as:

  • Future climate change risks
  • Asset management decision making
  • Strategic scenario planning (e.g. water trading or transfers)
  • Alternative option/solution testing
  • System yield or availability estimation
  • Extreme weather and system resilience testing
  • Outage reviews and operational efficiency
  • Reservoir or operational control curve optimisation

The Hydro-Logic® Services team offers customisation and modification options and will be happy to develop custom models to meet these kinds of applications as well as any others that you might require.

If you require assistance from Hydro-Logic® Services in this area please contact us

How it works

How it works

Users construct a representation of a water system by dragging and dropping components from a toolbox onto the schematic area. Users then enter values for the parameters required by each component in order to generate a fully working model.

Each component encapsulates a set of operating rules; Hydro-Logic® Aquator seeks to satisfy daily demand by automatically enforcing these rules no matter how complex the system.

While obeying these rules Aquator executes a linear optimisation algorithm known as Aqua solver, which tries to find the best solution for daily water movement by supplying at lowest cost when water is plentiful or supplying according to the state of resources when water is scarce.

Custom rules and modifications

If custom rules specific to an organisation are required, or complex interrelationships exist between components, users can use Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) to modify the built-in rules.

While users might be comfortable using VBA themselves, the Hydro-Logic® Services team offers customisation and modification options and will be happy to develop custom models.

If you require assistance from Hydro-Logic® Services in this area please contact us

Technical information

Technical information

Technical specifications

  • Windows 7 / Windows 8 or Windows 10, 32 or 64 bit
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1600 x 900 (HD+) or better
  • Recommended processors: Intel Core i5 (or equivalent) or better for large models
  • Recommended RAM: 4GB or greater

Note: Hydro-Logic® Aquator may be installed on Windows Server environments, but should be tested by the user for suitability

The Aquator Suite

Hydro-Logic® Aquator XV

XV is the latest Hydro-Logic® Aquator core simulation package, and is a complete re-write of the modelling platform using the latest Microsoft development tools. It implements the same optimisation algorithm (Aqua-Solver2) that was provided in the previous release of 4.3.

Hydro-Logic® Aquator XM

XM (eXecution Manager) is a control program add-on for undertaking different types of analysis based on Hydro-Logic® Aquator water resource system models.

XM can execute multiple instances of Hydro-Logic® Aquator simultaneously to complete the analysis in a shorter time than would be possible using a single instance of the software.



Case Studies

Case Studies