Hydro-Sludge Screen

Remove, compact and dewater solids from sludge to cut maintenance, reduce handling costs and increase biosolids value.

Hydro DryScreen

Screen and capture stormwater trash, organic matter and sediment, then store it dry to prevent nutrient pollution.

Storm King

Prevent 100% of combined sewer floatables and gross solids and 95% of grit and sediment from reaching the environment.

Hydro-Brake Optimum

Manage low, moderate and high flows to deliver low-impact drainage from single sites to large networks.

Hydro-Brake Flood

Reliably protect homes, business and infrastructure from flood damage, now and in the future.

Hydro-Brake Agile

Reduce upstream storage and manage flood risk at sites with stringent discharge consents where space for on-site attenuation is at a premium.

Hydro-Brake Orifice

Manage moderate flows and deliver cost-effective sustainable drainage at site and development level.