Continuous Flow Measurement

Get flow data to help you maximise your available water resources and to better manage the impact of your activities on the natural environment.

The Hydro-Logic® Services team provides independent and innovative advice on feasibility and design projects, even at the most challenging sites in rivers, sewers and wastewater treatment works. We advise water companies and regulators, and we are also available to provide specialist sub-consultancy input into larger international projects.

We also provide training on all aspects of flow measurement technology, including streamflow gauging techniques to the main river environment regulators in the UK and Ireland.

Our services

  • Gauge site / network feasibility, design, operation and maintenance
  • MCERTS Audits by certified inspectors
  • Conformance to British, European and International Standards
  • River and stream flow measurement surveys
  • ADCP and transit-time specialists for open channels
  • Flow data processing and information systems
  • R & D studies for evaluation of new technology
  • Training courses for discharge consent compliance and MCERTS

Our experience and expertise

We are acknowledged as the UK’s leading independent hydrometric specialists, with particular expertise in open channel flow measurement techniques. Our experts are acknowledged as leading world specialists in open-channel flow, sitting on British (BSI), European (CEN) and ISO International committees on Standards.

Other Monitoring and Measurement capabilities

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