Water Resource Measurement

Use hydrometric data to improve your water reserve management and to ensure compliance with standards.

The provision of hydrometric services to water companies for water resources management is one of our most active areas of work.  The data that we collect help water companies to both manage reserves and to ensure compliance with environmental and regulatory standards.

Our services

  • Reservoir level monitoring
  • Compensation flow monitoring
  • Abstraction monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Rainfall monitoring

Data are transmitted from often quite remote sites, either directly into the water company telemetry servers or to the Hydro-Logic® Timeview telemetry online system.

Our experience and expertise

Our largest long-term monitoring contract is for Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water (DCWW), where we operate a network of over 130 sites, of which about 100 are telemetered. We have provided this data to DCWW since 1999.

The data from these sites are used by DCWW Water Resource Managers for operational decision making, regulatory compliance and water resource planning purposes. Our contract with DCWW requires us to deliver data in accordance with a strict regime of Key Performance Indicators, in order to ensure that the data quality is sufficient for their purposes.

We have also been appointed sole supplier on a ten-year framework with Scottish Water to install long-term monitoring sites at key locations. This monitoring ensures compliance with the release of minimum prescribed flows, and also allows reservoir yield assessments to be updated.

Our data management capabilities

We are also able to offer specialist data management services through our unique access to Aquarius Time-Series software and via our own Hydro-Logic® Timeview telemetry platform, including remote access to your real-time data.

Other Monitoring and Measurement capabilities

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