Hydro-Logic Aquator

Data, insight and analysis

Improve planning, inform cost-effective investment decisions and mitigate risks to ensure consistent, robust water supply now and into the…

Hydro DryScreen

Stormwater treatment

Screen and capture stormwater trash, organic matter and sediment, then store it dry to prevent nutrient pollution. The Hydro DryScreen®…

Hydro StormScape

Stormwater treatment

Reduce runoff through infiltration while capturing and retaining sediment, heavy metals, nutrients, oils and floatables. This versatile Low…

Hydro GritCleanse

Water and wastewater treatment

Cut landfill costs and reduce odor issues with cleaner, drier grit. The Hydro GritCleanse™ is a fluidized bed grit washing and grit…


Water and wastewater treatment

Industry leading grit concentration and classification – now with expanded clearances to prevent ragging and clogging. The OpTeaCup™ is…

Hydro-Sludge Screen

Industrial water treatment Water and wastewater treatment

Remove, compact and dewater solids from sludge to cut maintenance, reduce handling costs and increase biosolids value. The Hydro-Sludge®…

Hydro-Brake Orifice

Flow control and flood protection

Manage moderate flows and deliver cost-effective sustainable drainage at site and development level. The Hydro-Brake® Orifice flow…

Hydro-Brake Drop

Flow control and flood protection

Safely convey water or sewage while protecting infrastructure from damage, vibration and noise. Hydro-Brake® Drop is a compact, self…


CSO screening and treatment

Get high-performance, low-footprint CSO screening even under challenging overflow conditions. The Heliscreen® is a compact, low…


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