Hydro GritCleanse

Cut landfill costs and reduce odor issues with cleaner, drier grit.

Downstream Defender

Capture and retain sediment, oils and floatables from stormwater runoff over a wide range of flows in a small footprint.

First Defense

Capture and retain stormwater sediment, trash and floatables in a unit that saves site space and adapts to smaller or logistically difficult site locations.

Up-Flo Filter

Capture sediment, heavy metals, oil and nutrients from stormwater while reducing your site footprint and cutting maintenance costs.

Hydro MicroScreen

Drastically reduce the cost, footprint and energy consumption for industrial and municipal wastewater, process water and stormwater treatment.

Hydro-Sludge Screen

Remove and compact solids from sludge to reduce solids handling costs and improve downstream treatment efficiency.

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