The SlurryCup™ is a grit washing system that employs two levels of separation and classification to capture, wash and classify grit as small as 75 µm from grit slurries, primary and secondary sludge, protecting downstream processes from abrasive wear and clogging.

The SlurryCup™ is extremely effective at washing grit captured at the preliminary treatment stage by the grit channel, aerated grit chamber, vortex grit collector, or grit separator. The clean grit slurry produced by the SlurryCup™, when dewatered by a Grit Snail®, contains 60% total solids with less than 15% organic solids in headworks applications, reducing the cost of solids handling and haulage to solid waste disposal sites, as well as reducing odors and associated aesthetic complaints.

With no internal moving parts, the SlurryCup™ is a low-maintenance, high-performance grit removal system that delivers effective grit washing, separation and classification.


  • Sludge degritting
  • Grit washing 

Watch a brief video demonstrating the SlurryCup™ here. Download the SlurryCup™ brochure here.

Designed for

Fine particles

Industrial materials


Very fine particles


Increase performance with flow to protect your plant at all times

As flows increase so do the demands on your wastewater treatment plant - grit deposited in pipes and channels can be rapidly flushed into the plant and overwhelm expensive downstream processes. The free vortex boundary layer grit washing provided by the SlurryCup™ protects your plant when it needs it the most. Designed for low flow performance you can rest assured that your plant will also be protected when big flows strike.

Install and operate easily

One or two SlurryCup™ units can be mounted on a single Grit Snail® clarifier saving plant space while improving performance. The system is designed for fully automatic operation and can be switched to manual mode as needed. Built with the operator in mind, ease of maintenance has been engineered into all elements of the SlurryCup™.

Get unmatched sludge degritting performance

Removing grit from sludge is an abrasive and demanding process. The SlurryCup™ is designed for durability to meet the challenges inherent to this difficult application.

Minimize maintenance

The SlurryCup™ operates completely hydraulically and has no internal moving parts, making it a low-maintenance solution. Boundary layer separation and free vortex forces wash volatile solids from even the smallest grit particles without releasing them back into the plant. 

How it works

The SlurryCup™ uses a combination of an open free vortex and the accelerated gravity boundary layer effect to capture, classify, and remove fine grit, sugar sand, and high density fixed solids from grit slurries, and both primary and secondary sludge.

The grit underflow from the SlurryCup™ passes through a hydraulic valve, which provides secondary grit washing.

Eutek SlurryCup Cutaway How it Works

Technical information


  • Removes 95% of all grit 75 µm and larger
  • <15% volatile solids when used with a Hydro International dewatering system
  • >60% total solids when used with a Hydro International dewatering system 


  • 150 to 1,000 gpm in a single unit
  • Solids concentration up to 1.5%


  • Unit sizes range from 24" to 56" diameter