Hydro-LogicTM Timeview DBi is a streamlined online database for long-term data warehousing of hydrometric, climate and environmental data, equipping you with analysis tools to help you derive meaningful, actionable insights from that data.

As the data management component of a Hydro-LogicTM Smart Monitoring system, Hydro-LogicTM Timeview DBi allows you to combine, clean and adjust data gathered from Hydro-LogicTM data loggers to understand flood risk, water resource demands and environmental impacts.

An additional module for the Hydro-LogicTM Timeview telemetry system, Hydro-LogicTM Timeview DBi provides accessible database functionality optimized for use with hydrometric and climate data.


  • Maintaining long-term archive for large networks
  • Real-time database for flood forecasting models
  • Analysis of rain gauge networks with radar data
  • Flow data processing for meters in rivers or sewers
  • Generating derived data eg water quality parameters
  • Processing data for hydraulic drainage models

Enables ongoing record-keeping and historical analysis

Captured data can be used as a repository and analysis resource for historical water, climate and environmental information.

  • Statistics, trend analysis and identification
  • Flood monitoring and flood risk assessment
  • Environmental analysis
  • Climate change statistical analysis

Enables data manipulation, analysis and forecasting

Stored data can be used to model, simulate and forecast future floods, water resource demands and environmental impacts.