The new Stormbloc Optimum inspection chamber

Comply with adoption and planning regulations with a cost-effective, high strength inspection chamber, and manage sediment build-up with the sand trap option.

Stormbloc Optimum Inspect Chamber with access shaft

Download the updated design data

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The Stormbloc® Optimum Inspect offers an unrivalled level of accessibility to any Stormbloc® Optimum installation. This modular access chamber, sited within the tank, has identical dimensions to a Stormbloc® Optimum module and so can be easily incorporated into the layout of the infiltration or storage system.

Each Stormbloc® Optimum Inspect module offers an integrated cutting matrix which makes it possible to have direct access on all four sides of the inspection tunnels on the Stormbloc® Optimum modules for connection of inlet and outlet pipes to the system at any point.


 Stormbloc Optimum Inspect with sand trap

A Stormbloc® Optimum Inspect chamber with sand trap option.


  • Easily integrate inspection chambers into your tank layout as the new Stormbloc® Optimum Inspect has the same dimensions as the standard modules.
  • Manage sediment build-up and comply with planning and water company requirements by adding a sand trap option to your Stormbloc® Optimum Inspect chamber.
  • Provide access for inspection and maintenance to ensure the capacity of the tank is protected and to comply with maintenance plan requirements
  • Make your storage/infiltration system Smart and receive automated alerts for maintenance with the addition of Hydro-Logic® Smart Monitoring.
  • Cater for variable flow rates with ‘cut-to-suit’ clear flow paths.
  • Build your storage/infiltration system beneath high traffic areas with high strength Stormbloc® Optimum Inspect chamber.
  • Reduce chamber installation time with the easy-to-spot blue chamber and click-together connections.
  • Cater for inlet / outlet connections up to 450 mm internal diameter.

Download the updated design data

Download the new installation instructions

 Only available in the UK and Ireland






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