Hydro MicroScreen ROI calculator

Improve your industrial wastewater profitability with the Hydro MicroScreen. 

Industrial or process wastewater sent to a sewer attracts a Trade Effluent Charge. This charge varies depending on effluent volume and quality: the more there is, and the ‘dirtier’ it is, the greater the cost. Anyone who uses water in their production process is paying to discharge their effluent into the sewer - but if you can improve the cleanliness of your effluent then you can reduce your discharge costs.

Our ROI calculator uses the UK’s Mogden formula to help you estimate your potential savings on Trade Effluent Charges, offering a clear view of the financial advantages that the Hydro MicroScreen can provide to your business.

  • Select your UK water company
  • Select your preferred flow rate units and flow rate
  • Select your industry sector
  • Adjust your TSS and COD concentrations if required
  • Select a time period over which you'd like to view your savings
  • Calculate your savings
  • Water company charges are sourced from the UK water companies
  • COD and TSS influent concentrations are representative of a typical industry facility based on our observed data
  • Hydro MicroScreen COD and TSS removal rates are based on operational data


Calculate ROI

Your Savings Overview

    Total COD Removed Over Time
    0 mg/l
    Total TSS Removed Over Time
    0 mg/l
    Effluent Surcharge per m3
    £ 0
    Effluent Surcharge Minus Cost Saving per m3
    £ 0
    Total Effluent Surcharge Over Time
    £ 0
    Effluent Surcharge Minus Cost Saving
    £ 0

Total Cost Saving Over Time


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