Case Study Clavey Road, IL 22 Years of Sludge Degritting Success

Twin sludge degritting systems at two IL plants still running strong 22 years after installation

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Case Study Sludge Screening Increases Sludge Quality, Improving Cogeneration

Salt Lake City, UT - Central Valley Water Reclamation Facility Case Study.

Case Study Rock Creek AWWTF's Sludge Degritting Solution

Sludge degritting system improves sludge quality & treatment capacity.

Case Study Sludge Screening Improves Phosphorus Recovery

World's Largest Municipal WTTP Nutrient Recovery Plant Selects Hydro-Sludge® Screens to Protect A Profitable Process.

Case Study Sludge degritting protects award winning plant

Lorton, VA Deploys SlurryCup™ / Grit Snail® to Protect Mission Critical Sludge Treatment Processes.