Flood Risk Assessment enables office relocation and residential development

The Hydro International consulting team provided a Flood Risk Assessment that led to a successful planning permission application, enabling Haymarket Media Group to relocate 1,000 employees to new offices.


Haymarket Media Group has been consolidating its UK operations for a number of years, and the use of its Teddington Studios site had become inefficient for Group operations, with environmental and social implications impacting upon staff. It had identified alternative offices in nearby Twickenham and wished to relocate.


Haymarket Media Group needed to complete the sale of the site promptly. Since the site was located in the Environment Agency Flood Zone 3, however, a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) was required as part of the planning permission application.


Consultants Paul Webster and Paul Roberts from Hydro International’s Hydro International consulting team delivered a comprehensive FRA, and also provided expert technical input to the development of the Emergency Plan and flood storage compensation calculations.


Planning permission was successfully obtained three months after submission of the FRA and other planning documents, enabling Haymarket Media Group to sell the site and proceed with its relocation.


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