With the threat of a sewer overflow, you need a powerful and highly efficient screen that will keep flow moving while maintaining high treatment. The Heliscreen® is a compact, powered combined sewer overflow (CSO), sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) and wet weather screening system that delivers reliable screening and capture of gross solids and floatables, continuing to operate with high efficiency even under surcharged and submerged conditions.

Providing effective operation even under extreme flow conditions, the Heliscreen® can handle high concentrations of screenings down to 6 mm in diameter, retaining 100% of screenings on the sanitary side of the overflow weir and preventing the need for screenings handling.

Compact, self-cleaning and easy to install and maintain, the Heliscreen® is a versatile CSO, SSO or wet weather overflow solution that is ideal for small, constrained sites with little headloss.


  • New and retrofit CSO or SSO facilities
  • Sites constrained by hydraulic levels or chamber dimensions
  • Remote sites or facilities with low maintenance requirements

You can watch a brief video demonstrating the Heliscreen®  here. Download the Heliscreen®brochure here.

Designed for

Coarse particles

High flow

Trash & floatables


Get high-performance screening under challenging conditions

The Heliscreen® is designed to maintain highly efficiency operation under high flows, submerged and surcharged conditions, retaining 100% of screenings on the sanitary side of the overflow weir. It avoids contributing to a CSO surcharge by bypassing excess flow while still screening what is not bypassed.

Design flexible CSO screening systems

The small and efficient Heliscreen® design enables a variety of installation configurations. Units may be installed in series or in parallel, and both immersible electric or hydraulic motors are available, providing designers with a range of options to meet site-specfic CSO screening requirements.

Increase performance without adding maintenance 

Self-cleaning, self-activating and corrosion resistant, the Heliscreen® is continually flushed clean to ensure that the foil does not blind and that flow is discharged freely, minimizing maintenance and making it an ideal solution for remote or low-maintenance CSO sites. As the screen overhangs the main throughflow channel, any required maintenance can be undertaken from the dry side of the weir.

How it works

  1. Water flows into the chamber and begins to flow through the Heliscreen® unit’s semi-cylindrical stainless steel perforated screen.

  2. Water levels in the chamber rise, initiating the rotation of a helical brush mechanism on the influent side of the screen.

  3. The spinning helical brush scrubs solids away from the screen and into the continuation flow while the effluent is discharged to a spillway. The screenings and continuation flow are carried on for further treatment.

  4. As the water level continues to rise, spill flow and continuation flow pipes become surcharged. Excess flows are bypassed over the back plate/emergency overflow weir. Unlike most CSO screens, the powered motor of the Heliscreen® sits above the back plate to ensure that the device will continue to operate even in the event of surcharges.

Technical information

Maximum loading rate

The maximum recommended loading rate is 350 L/s/m2.

Power requirements

The Heliscreen® requires 380-415v 3-phase supply.

Unit diameters up to 11.5 ft in length use a 0.75 kw motor.

Unit diameters greater than 11.5 ft in length use a 1.1 kw motor.