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HX Guide - Primary Sludge Settlement

Download the HX Guide to Primary Settlement Scrapers in Wastewater Treatment

Zickert Rotating Sludge Scraper

Learn more about the new ZickertTM Rotating Sludge Scraper

Hydro StormTrain®

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Hydro-Brake Optimum Design Tool

Validate and output detailed designs with the new Hydro-Brake Optimum® Design Tool.

HX Guide to Surface Water Treatment

Download the HX e-guide to surface water treatment.

Hydro-Sludge™ Screen

A horizontal in-line coarse material separator comprising an inlet screening zone and a pressing zone.

Welcome to Hydro International

Hydro International offers innovative products for the cost-effective control of stormwater and treatment of wastewater.

Hydro has developed a range of technologies to control urban runoff, treat stormwater, combined sewage overflows and municipal wastewater with the aim of providing cost-effective solutions for controlling quantity and improving quality of water.

Through the application of advanced vortex and complementary technologies Hydro International’s line of products provide economical solutions to the challenging problems our clients face.

HX is the essence of Hydro. It’s interwoven into every strand of Hydro’s story, from our products to our people, our engineering pedigree to our approach to business and problem-solving. HX is a stamp of quality and a mark of our commitment to optimum process performance. A Hydro solution is tried, tested and proven.

Download the first HX eguide - The HX Guide to Vortex Flow Controls

There is no equivalent to Hydro HX.

Find out more about Hydro HX.

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A NEW technology for circular sludge settlement tanks in wastewater treatment has the potential to achieve major operating and energy savings for all UK Water Companies. Launched in the UK by Hydro International, the ZickertTM Rotating Sludge Scraper builds on the success of proven technology for rectangular tanks.
Stormwater drainage specialists Hydro International are exhibiting at Infrarail 2014 for the first time, so the company’s experts can talk first hand with engineers looking for best-practice solutions to protect the rail infrastructure from flooding and remove contaminants from surface water runoff.

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This empowering conference will debate the key issues and update its delegates regarding the current status of the SuDS Standards and the SAB implementation. Key issues will include planning, retrofit, SuDS techniques, case studies and maintenance.
The only dedicated Scottish road exhibition. Whether you are looking to source the latest available products and services, understand the implications of impending legislative changes, or see our exhibitors live demonstrate the latest available equipment, Road Expo 2014 is your only opportunity to do all this under one roof, across two unmissable days.