Water Resources Modelling

Water resources system modelling is an important tool used in the development of strategies to ensure that public water supply requirements are met whilst also protecting the water environment from over-abstraction and water quality pressures. 

For UK Water Companies modelling is widely used to support the asset management planning process under the five-year AMP cycle regulated by Ofwat.

Our Capabilities

Our modelling capability includes model development for a range of applications, including assessment of reservoir releases for river regulation, changes in abstraction licences and flow constraints, system deployable output estimation, system optimisation and climate change scenario analysis.  

Our experience and expertise

Our modelling experience is based on the Hydro-Logic® Aquator water resource model development package. We own this software, having acquired Oxford Scientific Software Limited in October 2018. 

In addition to work for UK clients, we have expertise in modelling water resource systems using a range of software and have international experience in such diverse countries as Jordan, Botswana, Namibia, Argentina, China and Samoa. 

Other water resources consultancy capabilities

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