Surface Water Management Planning and Water Engineering

Develop an effective strategy for site drainage to prevent flooding, and provide mitigation and management of surface runoff during periods of high rainfall.

The Hydro-Logic® Services team can develop comprehensive Surface Water Management Plans for you and your business.

What is a Surface Water Management Plan?

A Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) is a plan which outlines the preferred surface water (i.e. the runoff of rainfall from an area) management strategy in a given location.

In this context surface water flooding describes flooding from sewers, drains, groundwater, and runoff from land, small watercourses and ditches that occurs as a result of heavy rainfall. 

A SWMP study is undertaken in consultation with key local partners who are responsible for surface water management and drainage in their area. Partners work together to understand the causes and effects of surface water flooding and agree the most cost-effective way of managing surface water flood risk for the long term. 

A SWMP for a specific site is usually required to support any Planning Application for new development in the UK. 

We provide a full range of services to support SWMPs and Code for Sustainable Homes.  We advise on the appropriate sustainable drainage system (SuDS) methods taking due account of site characteristics including soil type, topography and outfall constraints and factoring in the future effects of climate change. 

We offer full hydraulic design services for the recommended methods, whether based on infiltration or attenuation.  We can also undertake field measurements where required for infiltration-based systems.

Water Engineering

Our water engineering services cover all design aspects to allow the construction of a solution to meet the requirements for the provision of drainage and flood risk mitigation infrastructure. 

We include a full site assessment to inform the design. With full knowledge of F&WMA, SuDS Standards and Planning regulations, we can solve any drainage or flood problem you are encountering.

Our water engineering related services include:

  • Engineering solutions to mitigate flood risk down to an acceptable level, protecting properties plus infrastructure
  • Design of SuDS to suit the SuDS Manual 2015 and National Standards for SuDS through to provision of maintenance services for proprietary SuDS.
  • Delivery of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and water quality aware solutions
  • Foul and surface water drainage design from feasibility to detailed design for gravity and pumped systems, fully adoptable to Sewers for Adoption (7th Edition) where necessary
  • Residential, commercial plus specialist drainage design of ports and airports
  • Expert witness work on drainage and environmental matters
  • Feasibility and two-dimensional (2D) hydraulic analysis relating to the design of new build or retrofit pollution containment systems that will provide a rapid incident response to prevent any released pollutants, firewater or rainfall from leaving a facility, protecting environmental receptors
  • Sustainable and integrated approach to Water Management that guides a project or business from initial appraisal through design to construction and commissioning
  • SWiM (Sustainable Water Management), a specialist service that will optimise usage of onsite water resources including rainwater, groundwater and greywater to significantly increase water security, business resilience and achieve water related benefits under BREEAM

We have experience in undertaking both Designer and Principal Designer roles under CDM Regulations 2015.

Specialist construction support

We provide a comprehensive service to de-risk your construction activity through proactive identification of runoff and drainage risks to the surrounding environment, the identification of effective mitigation measures and the monitoring of surrounding watercourses to ensure compliance. 

Our services include:

  • Expertise and advice in the principles and legislative background of drainage design and management
  • Production of site-specific drainage management strategy
  • Identification and analysis of site-specific constraints and design requirements for drainage management
    • including maintenance, sub-catchment flow estimation, culvert sizing and SuDS storage requirements
  • Detailed site drainage design and modelling, including:
    • detailed topographical survey
    • design of drainage system to integrate with existing drainage features on site
    • proposed cut and fill sections associated with all excavations
    • provision of any required buffer protection zones and sizing
    • outline locations for all drains, swales, storage areas, outfalls and soakaways
  • Monitoring of water levels or water quality during construction activity to prevent environmental pollution and maintain legal compliance

Our expertise

We have undertaken hundreds of drainage assessments for development sites across the UK.

We have extensive experience in analysing, modelling and designing sustainable drainage solutions, enabling development to progress in sensitive areas and greenfield sites through sensitive and effective hydraulic design.

Our Head of Engineering, Alan Corner, is a surface water management and SuDS expert, having worked with CIRIA on the 2015 revision of the SuDS Manual and assisted DEFRA in drafting the National SuDS Standards. 

Other flood services and water engineering capabilities

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