On-Site Column Testing Maximizes Your Savings

Save time and money by letting us test your on-site industrial wastewater - for FREE

You May Be Flushing Money Down the Drain!

Hydro International Can Help Prevent That

Water and wastewater costs are significant operating expense for all types of industrial facilities. While already expensive, these costs increase continuously. As a result they continue to erode the profitability of your plant through increased operational costs as you pay exorbitant discharge fees. There is good news though, we can help you reduce and in some cases completely eliminate the expense of discharge fees.   

Industrial Operations are Unique

There is Rarely A One-Size Fits All Solution 

We understand your unique wastewater problems cost you money and we want to help you solve them. Our column test allows us to quickly assess your site-specific problems and provide a cost-saving solution based on the issues (such as TSS and BOD) that are the most troublesome for you. Unique variables to your operation include the materials used in production, operating line layout, cleaning processes, processing equipment used, timing of volumes, upstream and downstream processes, and local discharge conditions.

Hydro International understands this better than anyone, with full-scale hydraulics laboratory facilities in both the US and the United Kingdom our dedicated team of scientists diligently work to ensure that our products will solve your problems. Our R&D division has developed a portable column testing system that we will bring to your plant and use in your operating conditions to maximize the cost savings benefits the Hydro MicroScreen™ will bring your plant and minimize your time commitment. Download a brochure detailing the benefits of our column testing program. 

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