Water Demand, Resources & Supply

Get specialist insight to help you to develop quantity and quality strategies that balance contemporary and future water supply, demand and environmental requirements.

Our experts help water companies to understand long-term water management issues, to plan procurement, operation and maintenance activities, and to stress-test and optimise those plans in order to deliver long-term resilience to water security and scarcity, climate change and shifting demand.

We conduct modelling using Aquator, the premier water resource systems software package in the UK, used by the largest water companies as well as regulatory authorities and licensed consultants. We are therefore able to offer the most robust, reliable water system models to guide critical strategic water resource planning decisions.

Our capabilities

Water resources planning

The elements that define water resources include the quantity and quality aspects of flowing waters, groundwater and impounded waters and their different uses. The availability of fresh water resources varies in time and place in response to environmental, economic and legislative constraints. We provide data, analysis and advisory services to enable customers to address pressures on fresh water resources.

Water resources policy development and review

  • Development of regulatory incentives and metrics
  • Development of environmental and ecological flow targets and policies
  • Review of Habitats Directive and Water Framework Directive studies and determinations
  • Development and review of supply-demand data-driven performance indicators for water and wastewater

Statutory Water Resources Management Plan support

  • Demand forecasting
  • Deployable output (DO) analyses
  • Uncertainty and risk analysis including determination of headroom and outage 
  • Levels of service (reliability), resilience and vulnerability assessments
  • Supply-demand balance
  • Water resource economic appraisals
  • Climate change impact assessments

Statutory Drought Plan support

  • Characterisation of droughts
  • Evaluation of monitoring and management procedures
  • Analysis of drought management actions
  • Water resource and environmental impacts of droughts and mitigation
  • Climate change impact and adaptation assessments

Water resources modelling

Water resources system modelling is an important tool used in the development of strategies to ensure that public water supply requirements are met whilst also protecting the water environment from over-abstraction and water quality pressures. For UK Water Companies modelling is widely used to support the asset management planning process under the five-year AMP cycle regulated by Ofwat. We have expertise in modelling water resource systems using a range of software and have international experience in countries such as Jordan, Botswana, Namibia, Argentina, China and Samoa. 

Our modelling capability includes model development for a range of applications,

  • Assessment of reservoir releases for river regulation
  • Changes in abstraction licences and flow constraints
  • System deployable output estimation
  • System optimisation
  • Climate change scenario analysis.

Our recent modelling experience is based around the Aquator water resource model development package. We are authorised resellers and trainers for the Aquator platform, and we provide first-line support to all Aquator licence holders.