Field Hydrometry

Get meaningful, actionable hydrometric data, or work with our specialists to design, install, operate and maintain hydrometric data collection systems.

Our Hydro-Logic™ Services Field Hydrometry team provides hydrometric data or can set up, operate and maintain on your behalf hydrometric data collection systems - helping you to understand your water management challenges and enabling you to meet regulations, develop plans and react effectively to current and future water conditions.

We are not tied to any equipment suppliers - we will recommend the solution that best meets your criteria, based on a thorough appreciation of the equipment available and practical experience in using that equipment. This expertise is backed up by representation of senior staff on British, European and International standard committees for flow measurement and hydrometry.

Our range of services span from manual measurements, such as low flow current meter gauging programmes, to operation of large complex telemetered networks of sites, which are delivered by well trained staff based throughout the UK. We operate in excess of 750 telemetered monitoring sites and undertake manual measurements at over 1,000 sites, so we're likely already to be working near to your project location.

Our capabilities

Continuous flow measurement

The UK’s leading independent hydrometric specialists, we provide completely independent advice on feasibility and design projects, even at the most challenging sites in rivers, sewers and waste water treatment works. We also provide training courses on all aspects of flow measurement technology.

Our services

  • Gauge site / network feasibility, design, operation and maintenance
  • MCERTS Audits by certified inspectors
  • Conformance to British, European and International Standards
  • River and stream flow measurement surveys
  • ADCP and transit-time for open channels
  • Flow data processing and information systems
  • Evaluation of new technology
  • Training courses for discharge consent compliance and MCERTS

Spot flow measurement

The techniques required for spot flow gauging vary depending upon the size and nature of the watercourse. Our experienced staff will select the best technique and equipment for your site to ensure that high quality data is collected every time.

We have a large range of flow monitoring equipment and considerable experience, so we are able to measure the flow in virtually every open channel situation. Our ADCPs can also be used for bathymetric surveys, cross-sectional surveys and to provide detailed velocity contour plots.

Water level monitoring

As specialist hydrometric engineers, we have years of practical water level measurement experience for the effective management of surface and groundwater resources, drainage and wastewater, for applications from CSOs to mining and landfill.

Our services

  • Manual dipping of wells and boreholes
  • Gauge boards and datum points
  • Peak-level gauges for flood monitoring
  • Continuous level monitoring systems
  • Telemetry alarm systems for flood warning and drainage control
  • Level to storage or flow conversion systems
  • Flow gauge rating analysis
  • Calibration and maintenance of measurement systems
  • Training in operation and maintenance

Rainfall and climate assessment

We provide advice, design and field services, including the installation, operation and maintenance of either short-term recording raingauge sites or longer term water resource monitoring networks. We specialise in the introduction of modern data acquisition technology, often being involved in the testing and evaluation of new state-of-the-art instruments with the objective of helping clients reduce the long-term costs of ownership of large networks.

Our services

  • Design of networks of tipping-bucket gauges for flood warning and urban drainage purposes
  • Site selection, design and specification of remote telemetered rainfall monitoring sites including recording and storage check gauges
  • Audit of raingauge sites and networks to BS, ISO and MO standards
  • Development of rainfall data archiving, analysis and reporting systems
  • R&D trials for assessment of new low-maintenance rainfall intensity gauges

Water quality analysis

We supply, install and operate continuous water quality monitoring sites typically covering parameters such as temperature, conductivity, pH, and dissolved oxygen. We supplement these with automatic volumetric sampling triggered using event specific thresholds, and/or spot samples using either a hand-held sonde or bottled samples. We partner with specialist laboratories to provide full-suite laboratory analysis of bottled samples.

Flood warning systems

We are the leading independent provider of flood warning systems to local authorities in the UK, having installed over 650 flood warning sites for over 65 councils and land drainage authorities. Many of the applications that we monitor are trash screens or undersized culverts which suffer from regular blockage; our systems provide early warning to both drainage authority staff, to deploy maintenance teams, and to local residents, to deploy property level protection or trigger local flood plans.  

Our monitoring services

  • Surface water level
  • Underground (sewer or culverted watercourse) water level
  • Rainfall 
  • Pump status
  • Flood gate status
  • Automatic water level triggered warning signs 
  • Trash screens

Low flow / abstraction studies

We can provide the whole package of hydrometric monitoring, aquatic ecology surveys and groundwater monitoring, as well as associated analysis, to provide a one-stop shop for low flow and abstraction study projects. We can also provide just the specialist hydrometric inputs.

Our services

  • Spot flow gauging
  • Establishment of temporary gauging stations
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Water Quality monitoring
  • Rating development and review
  • Desk studies to review existing data and recommend monitoring requirements
  • Monitoring in accordance with Hydro-Ecological Flow Threshold (HEFT) methodology
  • Hydrological analysis to determine the impact of abstractions

Water resources monitoring

We collect data to enable water companies to both manage reserves and to ensure compliance with environmental and regulatory standards. Data from our monitoring sites are used by Water Resource Managers for operational decision making, regulatory compliance and water resource planning purposes.

Our monitoring services

  • Reservoir Level
  • Compensation Flow
  • Abstraction
  • Groundwater
  • Rainfall


We are accredited by the UK Environment Agency to assess consent holders' environmental measurement arrangements under the Monitoring CERTification Scheme (MCERTS). We have been part of the MCERTS Scheme since its start in 2003 and have certified over 1,300 sites since then.

Our services

We can undertake any aspect of the inspection process, from design through to advice on installation, the inspection itself and arranging a Quality Management System (QMS) audit. We also offer training and annual calibration and verification services.