Hydro MicroScreen in Industrial Food and Beverage Wastewater

This brochure provides overviews of a few of the many food processing projects where the Hydro MicroScreen has been proven to improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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Hydro GritCleanse Brochure

Learn more about the phenomenal performance of the Hydro GritCleanse™. 

Surface Water Pre-Treatment for Potable Water

Hydro International's TeaCup, HeadCell, and Grit King systems can optimize your potable water system by removing abrasive grit and reducing deposition. Download this brochure to learn more. 

Hydro Service

Hydro stands behind our products with a service department commited to ensuring our client's satisfaction. Download this brochure to learn more. 

SlurryCup / Grit Snail Sludge Degritting Solution

Download this brochure to learn how the SlurryCup / Grit Snail system can be used to remove grit from your sludge and produce a clean dry output that is ready for cost-effective landfilling.