Reduce Industrial Downtime

Reduce or prevent costly industrial process downtime with improved wastewater solids capture and smart preventive maintenance.

How we can help you cut downtime

Our solids removal systems remove unwanted material from industrial process water and wastewater early in the process to stop it from clogging and damaging sensitive downstream equipment, preventing costly downtime and keeping plants operating at full capacity—and our expert local service teams deliver reliable proactive maintenance to identify and eliminate failure risks and keep critical systems online.

Building on decades of success in the water industry, our products and services provide a reliable, credible, trusted solution to the problem of downtime caused by poor or underperforming equipment—helping plant managers, engineers and operators to meet critical operational and performance targets.

As the solid-liquid separation experts our systems are proven to outperform conventional equipment, and they can be plugged in alongside or as a replacement to existing technology—providing a permanent performance upgrade, temporary cover for planned or unplanned maintenance, or dual redundancy.

And our services teams deliver site-specific proactive maintenance, and unlike other third-party service and maintenance teams our independent experts have experience on a wide range of systems, equipment and technologies.

Opportunities to address downtime

Eliminate or reduce downtime

Our rotating belt screen is a high-performance, small-footprint solids removal system that can plug in to existing water networks with minimal disruption, providing both additional capacity and dual redundancy—enabling plant operators to keep critical equipment online in the event of a failure elsewhere in the treatment process.

Identify and mitigate failure risks early and effectively

Our expert UK Wastewater Services team has extensive experience of delivering planned preventive maintenance on a range of water and wastewater treatment equipment.

This "smart" maintenance can help plant managers and operations teams to get ahead of potential failures by conducting servicing, maintenance, repair and refurbishment work proactively—keeping performance-critical equipment online and in optimal working condition.

Reduce maintenance costs and complexities

Solid particles are the scourge of water and wastewater, accumulating in treatment systems to reduce capacity and increase energy costs, and causing abrasion damage that creates a wear and tear headache for maintenance teams.

Building on decades of success in the water industry, our solids removal technologies effectively and reliably capture grit and other damaging solid materials early on in the process, before they can pass on into downstream systems—reducing the maintenance burden on the plant, cutting the cost of repairs and refurbishment and reducing the need to take systems offline for maintenance.

Request a consultation

We’d be happy to review your site with you to identify opportunities to reduce your downtime risk. We can test samples of your effluent in our in-house labs to help determine what solids removal solutions would be best, and we can set up trial equipment at your site to demonstrate in real time how much more effectively you could protect your downstream systems.

If you’re interested in learning more, please give us a few bits of information about yourself and we’ll follow up.

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