Property-Level Flood Assessment

Quantify the flood risk for individual commercial and residential buildings and identify appropriate mitigation and protection measures.

The Hydro-Logic® Services team can give businesses, developers and residential organisations the data and advice that they need to implement effective property-level protection against flooding.

Property-Level Protection

Property Level Protection (PLP) is a range of measures by which individual properties can be protected from the impacts of flooding.

These measures generally comprise some combination of flood resistance and flood resilience measures.

Flood resistance involves keeping water out of a property using a variety of barriers for doors, windows and pipe.

Flood resilience is the modification of a property such that it can withstand the effects of flooding. This can be achieved by using appropriate materials and furnishings and by raising services above likely flood levels.

Our services

Our expert team can provide site specific surveys, risk assessment and hydraulic modelling services for both commercial and residential properties, to help minimise and mitigate flooding risks, reduce the consequential costs of flooding, assist with business continuity planning and help to secure cost effective flooding insurance. 

We also offer bespoke flood warning services to assist with early warning and evacuation planning.

Our expertise

We have undertaken hundreds of property surveys at commercial sites, industrial facilities and residential developments all over the UK.

Other flood services and water engineering capabilities

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