The Meva™ Shaftless Screw Conveyor is a high-volume, efficient spiral conveyor for conveying sludge screenings and other wet and dry waste and industrial solids.

Easy to install and integrate either new or as retrofit, the Meva™ Shaftless Screw Conveyor is ideal for a wide range of applications including screenings and both thickened and dewatered sludges.


Wastewater treatment

  • Screenings transport
  • Dewatered sludge handling

Pulp & paper

  • Fibre sludge
  • Dewatering of cyclones
  • Dewatering of pulped rejects

Other industrial

  • Agriculture and raw food
  • Food processing
  • Incineration plants for solid fuels such as woodchips, straw, ash and slag

Designed for


  • Handles wet, stringy, sticky materials
  • Fully enclosed, sealed system
  • Standard conveyor can be used at angles up to 90°
  • Unique lid design offers extremely low inlet height
  • Adjustable inlets and outlets can be mounted to face in any direction.
  • On-site assembly with no welding
  • Shaftless spiral has only one bearing, leaving more space and less sensitivity to the material being conveyed
  • Optional draining sections to separate liquids from solids
How it works

Material is fed through one or more in/outlets. Both inlets and outlets can be mounted to face in any direction and the new design is assembled on site without welding. A hole is simply cut in the conveyor cover and the chute is then bolted in place.

The shaftless spiral has only one bearing, at the drive end, giving more space and no obstruction to the material being conveyed. The drive is located at the non discharge end. This pushing drive enables the conveyor to work with materials that have a tendency to snag. The trough is protected by replaceable plastic liners in PDHP1000. These can be replaced without any welding, thanks to the lid design. Wear bars in Hardox or dual colour plastic for wear indication is optional.

The unit can be fitted with draining sections as an option, to separate liquids from solids. Complete systems with direct transfer from one conveyor to another can be provided. The tightly sealed lids and connections ensure good hygiene and a good working climate.