The Meva™ Screw Wash Press is a screenings wash system to bring dissolvable organic content from screenings back to the treatment process.

The Meva™ Screw Wash Press provides major weight and volume reductions to screenings, delivering a dry solids content of 40-60%. When combined with the Meva™ Counter Pressure Screw it delivers shredded screenings with up to 60% dry solids, reducing disposal costs and ease of incineration.

Designed for


  • Wash faecal content in screenings
  • Return washed-out organic contents to the treatment process
  • Reduce screenings weight and volume
  • Reduce odours
  • Cut solids handling and disposal costs
  • With a Meva™ Counter Pressure Screw, deliver a product optimal for incineration
How it works

The Meva™ Screw Wash Press is a rotating screw which slowly feeds forward screenings. Wash water is added in the wash/press zone, where dissolved materials and water are pressed out and brought back to the wastewater treatment process.

The composition of the screenings can be optimised by adjusting the working cycle via the control system. The retention time in the press can be prolonged by mounting a Meva™ Counter Pressure Screw after the press. This will increase the washing efficiency and dry solids content.

The press transports the washed and pressed screenings to a container via a pipe system. The Meva™ Screw Wash Press is designed with double troughs, making it very "torque resistant" for heavy operations with screenings of high dry solids content. This enables the press to be supplied with a large inlet opening. Furthermore, the double trough allows for the inner pipe to be fully perforated, thereby, allowing maximum dewatering.

The screw is a close fit within the inner pipe, which results in high dewatering. A robust axial bearing and gearbox absorb the forces from the press. The press zone is easily and safely accessible through a hatch in the top of the casing.