Supplied as a complete, easy-to-install unit or as a plate pack assembly for installation into either a concrete or steel tank, the Lamella Plate Clarifier provides low-footprint water clarification for municipal and industrial treatment applications. Every square metre of floor or ground area provides up to 10 m2 of equivalent settlement tank treatment area.


  • Primary clarification of wastewater 
  • Wash water recirculation systems (such as potato and root crop processing)
  • Wet scrubber and slaking effluents in the power industry
  • Thickening processes in the chemical, mining and mineral industries
  • Treatment of effluents in metal finishing, and iron and steel plants
  • Space requirement can be reduced by up to 90% when compared with a settlement tank
  • Unique, patented flow control system increases reliability
  • Up to 10 m2 of settling area per square metre of ground area
  • Supplied as a complete unit for easy installation
  • Available in standard and site-specific versions
  • Minimal operating and maintenance costs
How it works

Effluent enters the unit through the inlet pipe (brown arrow) and flows downward through the inlet chamber in the centre of the unit, entering the plates through openings in the sides.

As the liquid flows upward the solids settle on the inclined, parallel plates and slide into the hopper at the bottom of the unit. In the hopper, the sludge is thickened prior to discharge through the sludge outlet (brown arrow).

The clarified liquid leaves the plate assembly through openings at the top and is discharged into collection channels leading to the clarified water outlet (blue arrow).

The openings at the top of the plate assembly are designed to create a pressure drop across the collection channels, ensuring that the flow is distributed uniformly between the plates and that the full area is utilised.

Technical information


LS Plate Separator

Free standing with bottom cone hopper. Optional sludge scraper can be installed within hopper.

LT Plate Separator

Free standing with a thickener scraper. A combined separator and sludge thickening unit designed for liquids with up to 4% DS sludge content.

LP Plate Pack Assembly

Plate pack system (in-concrete design).