Online Design Tools for Stormwater Treatment & Flow Control

Use our online tools to design and size your flow controls and stormwater separators. 

About the tools

Our online design tools enable engineers to design Hydro-Brake® Optimum flow control valves, First Defense® and Downstream Defender® stormwater treatment systems quickly and easily. 

They provide an online interface for designers and specifiers to input key design elements, such as head and flow, select local regulatory frameworks, and obtain technical information and drawings that can be incorporated into designs for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), low-impact development (LID) and water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) construction and infrastructure projects. Quickly and easily size and specify flood mitigation systems and stormwater best management practices (BMPs). 

To access the tools just visit to register an account. 


  • Design flood protection and stormwater management projects more quickly and easily
  • Design to specific local regulations
  • Generate design-ready drawings and technical information
  • Get multiple Hydro International design tools in one place
  • Access dedicated design support

Get support

We're happy to provide training and guidance on how to use the tools, and in the UK, Ireland, US and Canada we can offer CPD or lunch and learn sessions. If you're interested in setting one of those up, please register your interest using our online forms: 

We may be able to offer similar sessions in other regions; if you're outside of the UK, Ireland, US and Canada and are interested then please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Watch the flow control design tool webinar

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