WINNERS: StormCon Selfie Contest!

We asked StormCon 2017 attendees to tell us their vision for the future of stormwater while taking a selfie in Hydro-Vision glasses and we got some great responses. The winners pictures, pizes and answers are below. Congratulations to the winners!

First Place: Winner of the SainSmart InstaRep 3D Printer

Name: Dustin Howell

Vision for the future of Stormwater: "Once a storm carrying a large amount of water, like Harvey comes around... The water from that storm will be treated and filtered into useful drinking water that will be bottled and flown into countries that need it the most." 

Second Place: Winner of the DROCON Navigator Quadcopter Drone with 720P HD Camera

Name: Jon Lathrop

Vision for the future of Stormwater: "I believe that the future will adapt to technology requiring the storm water industry to rely on new filtration technologies using organic materials, UV sanitation lights, etc. which will allow you to recycle the water for a purpose." 

Third Place: Winner of (2) Fresh Live Lobsters Shipped on Dry Ice from Maine

Name: Taylor Haskins

Vision for the future of Stormwater: "Bioremediation through organic and mechanical removal of pollutants is the cost-efficient future of stormwater."

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