What do Stormwater Industry Insiders Predict will Happen to the EPA?

A recent poll regarding the future of the EPA yielded the following answers. What do you think?  Enter your answers at hydro-int.com/epasurvey

*1 = not concerned, 10 = very concerned


Anecdotal feedback:

"A travesty on the scale of a natural disaster. This administration is inhospitable to the American way of life." - Civil Engineer

"I think the Trump administration and the cabinet appointees will do extreme harm to the country and the environment.  I'm disappointed that people are so easily fooled."  - Contractor

"My hopes are that these people will start digging into their plan and find that they cannot do the damage that they would like to do by deregulating the EPA...  I hope that states/courts will stand up against deregulation and keep it to a minimum." - Civil Engineer

"Water quality will continue to be protected but useless over reaching regulation will be curtailed or eliminated." - Civil Engineer 







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