Hydro's BMPs Clean up at the Casinos

Two separate casino projects are underway in Massachusetts currently and several of Hydro International’s stormwater treatment units were selected for both jobs because of their ability to treat a large drainage area in a small footprint.

Up-Flo® Filter, as well as Downstream Defender® and First Defense® hydrodynamic separators were selected to clean up spaces in and around the casino resorts which often have large stretches of impervious pavement and can amass significant amounts of trash, oil and sediment. Additionally, the Hydro-Brake® vortex valve will be used to help control the flow of excess runoff leaving the site to minimize flood risk. 

MGM Grand in Springfield, MA and Wynn in Everett, MA are both expected to invigorate tourism and the local economy in their respective towns after their currently scheduled 2018 grand openings.   

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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