Growing Airport Installations for Hydro BMPs

If you’re a frequent air traveler, chances are good that you’ve been flying in and out of airports where Hydro International has stormwater treatment BMPs installed. Our most recent addition will be at LaGuardia International Airport outside of New York City, NY.

Engineers who specify BMPs are aware that Low Impact Development solutions such as stormwater ponds are not suitable for use near airports because of their ability to attract birds. Flocks of birds pose a threat to safe air travel as they can get sucked into and clog jet engines. This makes use of underground structural BMPs ideal for airports but these systems must also be durable enough to support aircraft loading rates which can be in excess of 100,000 lbs.

Over the last several decades, our stormwater separators (Downstream Defender® and First Defense® units) as well as Up-Flo® Filters have been specified for airports because of their proven ability to remove a variety of stormwater pollutants such as trash, sediment, hydrocarbons and metals but also because of their robust design and ability to withstand the necessary loading rates. Our high standards of device design and performance make our BMPs a great fit for your future airport project. We are currently installed in the following locations:

  • (LGA) LaGuardia: Queens, NY
  • (IND) Indianapolis, IN
  • (BNA) Nashville, TN
  • (ACY) Atlantic City, NJ
  • (CAE) Columbia, SC
  • (YYC) Calgary, AB
  • (PWM) Portland, ME
  • (IAG) Niagara Falls, NY
  • (DCRA) Madison WI.
  • (ALB) Albany, NY
  • (ROC) Rochester, NY
  • (BDL) Bradley International: Windsor Locks, CT
  • (TTN) Trenton, NJ
  • (K0G7) Finger Lakes: Seneca Falls, NY