Keep Trash out of Water

It’s a lot harder to remove trash from rivers, lakes and oceans than it is to prevent it from getting there in the first place.

The Hydro DryScreen® is designed to thoroughly screen trash from stormwater drainage systems to help protect wildlife and prevent unsightly debris from collecting in and around waterways. 

DryScreen Trash Screening

3 Reasons to Specify the DryScreen

  • 4x more screening capture area than other screening baffle boxes means less maintenance, less often.
  • When a cleanout is necessary, accessing the system is easy and worry free.  
  • A patented flow splitting technology evenly distributes flow and debris to reduce the effects of blinding

80% of trash in water is generated on land but your city is counting on you to keep their water clear of it.

Download the Hydro DryScreen sizing tool here and prevent trash from ever reaching your coastline.  

Hydro DryScreen Stormwater Trash Screening