The Hydro StormTrain Series

Capture stormwater pollutants and protect the water environment with the Hydro StormTrain® Series; our unrivalled toolbox for reliable surface water treatment.

The Hydro StormTrain® Series comprises our industry-leading surface water treatment devices, which deliver proven, measurable and repeatable surface water treatment performance.  Each can be used independently to meet the specific treatment needs of a site or combined to form a management train.

Four products, First Defense®Downstream Defender®The Up-Flo™ Filter and Hydro Biofilter™, are Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) that can be used independently or in combination to deliver treatment that meets the water quality stipulations of a site.  They can also be used to protect, enhance or enable natural SuDS features, such as ponds or swales.

Peformance-verified Surface Water Treatment

The Hydro StormTrain® Series delivers proven, measurable performance that saves on construction and maintenance costs.   


  • Repeatable, tried and tested performance.
  • Minimal maintenance that is planned and predictable.
  • Single point maintenance.
  • Small footprint to maximise developer returns and enable retrofit into existing highway margins.
  • Pre-packaged for ease and speed of installation with low construction costs.


The Hydro StormTrain® Series can reliably treat runoff from impermeable surfaces across a broad range of catchments including:

  • New infrastructure schemes, including highways and rail.
  • Residential developments.
  • Car parks.
  • Industrial or commercial developments.
  • Retrofit for remedial treatment.
  • To protect other SuDS.
  • As an alternative to a sediment forebay.

Extensively Tested and Verified

Our surface water treatment devices are performance-verified for use by many independent regulatory bodies in the UK, US and other select territories around the world.  They are extensively tested through Hydro’s own world-class Research and Development facilities, ensuring predictable performance to the highest standard.





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