Hydraulic Modelling

Use real-world data to simulate and estimate water levels and velocities to assess flood risks and solve complex flooding problems.

The Hydro-Logic® Services team can develop and run 1D and 2D hydrodynamic models to help you understand and address current and future surface water management issues.

Hydraulic Modelling

Hydraulic modelling enables the accurate estimation of water levels and flood extents for rivers and watercourses. Although flood extents are provided in the UK by the Environment Agency (EA), this is often based on the use of generalised models.

Detailed and site-specific modelling can be used to refine and challenge the flood maps. The models can also be used to estimate flow velocities and the associated flood hazard ratings.

Hydraulic models feature as part of Level 3 Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) as well as contributing to more general assessments of flood risk.

We use industry-standard software packages including HEC-RAS, ISIS and TUFLOW in our modelling assessments. These have been used for establishing design flood levels, flood map challenges, rating extension, hazard ratings, breach analysis and design of mitigation works.

Flood Hydrology

Flood hydrology entails the calculation of flood peaks or flood hydrographs for observed floods or for design floods for specified return periods. In the UK, the Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH) provides a suite of methods to support such calculations.

Our experts use the FEH methods routinely in undertaking FRAs and in support of hydraulic modelling. This extensive use has enabled us to appreciate situations in which the methods work well and, critically, the conditions in which they require some refinement.

We are also able to offer expert advice on historical floods. In recent years, there has been a rash of damaging floods. We have undertaken a number of post-event investigations to understand flood mechanisms and quantify the return period of resultant flooding.

Our expertise

We have developed numerous 1D and 2D hydrodynamic models of watercourses and floodplains to help solve complex flooding problems and to enable clients to challenge the flood extents and depths shown by the generalised EA flood zone maps.

Our lead hydrologist, Dr Paul Webster, was engaged by the EA and DEFRA to oversee the research and development work undertaken by CEH that included the FEH CD-ROM v3, WINFAP-FEH v3 and ReFH.

Other flood services and water engineering capabilities

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