Maine town gets CSO treatment and turns an eyesore into a local landmark

The Storm King® helped Bucksport, ME to treat its combined sewer overflows and turn the CSO outfalls into a community betterment program.


The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) portion of the US Clean Water Act has mandated that communities with combined sewer overflows (CSOs) handle their overflow in a more environmentally conscious manner. However, improvement projects often cost millions of dollars that local taxpayers cannot afford to pay, leaving towns like Bucksport, ME stuck between expensive government mandates and unhappy constituents.


Bucksport’s two CSO outfalls were located within eyesight of Route 1, defacing an important part of the town’s downtown district.


Bucksport selected Storm King® for satellite treatment of its CSO flows, as an alternative to the costly and disruptive options of adding capacity to the wastewater treatment plant located downstream of the overflows or splitting stormwater and wastewater flows by constructing a 'separate' collection system.

And instead of having taxpayers shoulder the bill, local leaders came up with a novel idea. With the CSO outfall located next to several neglected buildings, they used this as a community betterment initiative. This transformed a neglected downtown block into a community focal point.


Since the Storm King® was commissioned, all rain events the system has handled have been treated in accordance with regulatory requirements.

"We built a building that people think is a restaurant or museum. No-one would think that it’s a CSO treatment facility. It’s exactly what we wanted and more - people can be proud of the fact their waste is treated."

- Roger Raymond, Town Manager, Bucksport