Hydro-Sludge Screen protects Margate treatment works from rag

Southern Water's new £80million wastewater works gets protection from rag with Hydro-Sludge® Screen


Southern Water constructed a new £80million wastewater treatment works for the Margate and Broadstairs catchment area in the UK, to meet the stringent European Urban Waste Water Directive and to help local beaches meet the European Bathing Water Directive.

The new works take pumped wastewater from Foreness Point and North Foreland WTW as well as treating 20million litres of wastewater generated daily by the 93,000 Margate and Broadstairs residents and visitors.


The untreated wastewater that the site receives has a high rag content which needs to be removed before the full treatment process.


Four Hydro-Sludge® Screens were supplied to remvoe the excessive rag from incoming wastewater, protecting the downstream processes.

"The screens operate with three screening and one on standby to minimise any downtime. They are installed on a single concrete plinth, over skips which collect the rag for disposal; their small footprint is ideal for a modern treatment works.”
Alan Coles, Project Engineer, Black and Veatch


The new process at Margate Headworks removes solid waste, with the Hydro-Sludge® Screen system removing rag content.  The wastewater then flows to Weatherlees Hill WTW to undergo full treatment including disinfection with UV before pumping it back to Margate WTW for safe release out to sea through the existing long sea outfall.


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