Hydro MicroScreen Corn Processing Wastewater Solution

Case Study: Hydro MicroScreen™ in Corn Processing

A California-based corn processor had an inefficient wastewater treatment line and was literally throwing away a quarter of a million dollars each year in hauling costs to dispose of high-moisture sludge from their treatment process. The plant’s onsite treatment system used twelve 10,000 gallon settling tanks and an 8-acre treatment lagoon for sediment capture. Each day the plant was drawing 6,000 gallons of sludge from the bottom of two of these settling tanks and then trucking it to a local WWTP for disposal.

They needed a better long-term solution than this expensive workaround.

A Hydro MicroScreen™ system was selected to be operated on their flows to determine how it could improve their operation and reduce their operating costs. Independent laboratory analysis revealed that the Hydro MicroScreen™ system removed a significant amount of TSS before it could turn into sludge, reducing the frequency that the pumper truck had to be deployed to remove solids.

Additionally, the Hydro MicroScreen™ removed 66% of the particulate BOD. From the data results, it was estimated that a single Hydro MicroScreen™ system at this plant would save them $158,000 in hauling costs alone – each year! 


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