Hydro MicroScreen Carrot Processing Wastewater Solution

Case Study: Hydro MicroScreen vs. Hydrosieve in Carrot Processing 

A large carrot processor near Bakersfield, CA was unsatisfied with the performance of their existing disc screen system. The effluent from these disc filters was fed to a spray field system that irrigated crops used for animal feed. The solids concentration that entered their irrigation system determined the area required for the spray field. The higher the solids, the larger the spray field required, and the lower the efficiency.

Despite having 75-micron screens, their existing disc filters were allowing too many solids through forcing them to irrigate a large spray field. The materials coming from the disc filters also had to go to a separate dewatering system. This dewatering system was nearing the end of its usable life and producing a very wet product that was difficult to handle and expensive to haul.

A Hydro MicroScreen™ system was tested on the same flows that the disc screen system treated. Output from both systems was sent to a laboratory for independent analysis. The Hydro MicroScreen™ system would allow the plant to decrease the spray field size by 50%. The Hydro MicroScreen™ system removed 100% more solids that the disc filter for a given volume of flows. Additionally, output from the Hydro MicroScreen™ with integral dewatering was 30% lighter by volumetric weight. Because of the study, it was discovered that the disc filter system was missing 240 cubic feet of solids every 8-hour shift. 

Hydro MicroScreen industrial wastewater solution for carrot processor

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