Hydro MicroScreen™ improves water treatment for Tamil Nadu tannery

A pilot trial proved to a Tamil Nadu tannery that the Hydro MicroScreen™ will cut costs, improve efficiency and reduce pollution. 


A leather goods producer in Tamil Nadu, India, wanted to improve its process water treatment efficiency. 


Existing treatment technologies were ineffective, delivering poor TSS removal and generating sludge with only 20% dry solids - increasing disposal costs. 


The tannery identified the Hydro MicroScreen™ rotating belt screen as a potential improvement opportunity, and ran a pilot trial to determine effectiveness. 


The pilot trial demonstrated improved TSS removal, and generated sludge with 40% dry solids - proving that the technology will cut costs, improve downstream efficiency and reduce effluent pollution. 

View the Hydro MicroScreen in action at a tannery:

* Note: this footage is not from the Tamil Nadu tannery
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